Large pools of Pacific White shrimp are growing and preparing for sale.  They started out as tiny larvae and have been developing into adult shrimp. Approximately 30,000 new larvae arrive at the farm every 28 days as the remaining shrimp are transferred into other pools as they mature.

Salt Creek Shrimp Company was founded in 2015 by Roger Kelso and Brenda Young.  Roger, a Professional Engineer with over 30 years of experience working around water and waste water systems, decided to pursue his dream of owning and operating an aquaculture farm.  After working and living overseas for 5 years, Roger made the decision to start this business in order to spend more time with family and friends.  With the help and unwavering support of his wife Brenda, this dream has now become a reality. 

Salt Creek Shrimp Company gives local vendors, local residents and tourists a place to purchase and celebrate good, hard, honest work - the work done by the hands of longtime community residents. Come out and help us grow our business.

it all starts with tiny larvae



Image courtesy of The Brown County Democrat